Say No to Fascists in Philadelphia

We are sending this letter out to our supporters in the local, but for those we can't directly reach out to, we are posting the same here. If you would like more information, please get in touch through Twitter.


You may have heard that the neo-nazi Proud Boys will be in Philadelphia on Saturday joined by local far-right militias and one of Philadelphia’s most violent white supremacist organizations, Keystone United. Proud Boys has a history of violent assault and targets women, people of color, and queer folks.

We are inviting those who are able to come and join us in making clear these beliefs aren’t welcome in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, Saturday is also the day of the DSA November General Meeting. Participating in democratic process is a core part of our work, and we understand that attending in the face of fascism is itself an act of protest.

But ultimately we believe that participating in debate while nazis are visible and on the street runs counter to our values. We live in dangerous times, and invisibility is consent.

We invite you to stand with us and a coalition of Temple Young Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialist Organization, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Action, Philly Against War and Militarism, and Bucks County For Justice in Palestine in counter-protest.

I know we asked you to come and vote with us on Saturday. Changing our plan isn’t something we do lightly. However, because of the threat posed by rallying fascists, we believe the more pressing fight this Saturday is on the streets.

If the rally ends quickly or our presence isn’t needed we will proceed to the General Meeting together and celebrate our ability to organize through democratic process. Otherwise we will table our resolutions and amendments until the December General Meeting.

Join us, if you can. Counter-protesting is dangerous. Consider your own personal situation and safety and make a decision that is right for you. Always travel in groups of at least 4 and never leave a comrade alone.

Campaign for a Better PhillyDSA

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